S2 E1 Wikid Menageries

August 12, 2017

Ryan and Brendan are back for season 2! What's in store? New shorter episode,  witty banter, and production value through the wazoo (cause that's where you put in the production value). This weeks topic: menageries!


EP 26 Pogonophobia & The End of an Era

May 9, 2017

Ryan and Brendan bring Season 1 of The Wikid Podcast to an end and reflect on the changes to the show over the last 8 months, as well as tell us their favortite episodes to get new listeners hooked! Subject: Pogonophobia.


EP:25 Mythical Creatures Part 2

May 2, 2017

Part 2 of The Wikid Podcasts Mythical Creatures Special! Guests Mo Schreffler and Blair Renfroe help Ryan and Brendan traverse a bevy of topics, including; Hellboy, Changelings, Micheal Jordan's Hitler Stache, Fairies, the Occult, the Spear of Destiny, Proboscis Monkeys, the Dutch, Bigfoot (Sasquatch), Elmo, Firby, How I Met Your Mother, Battlestar Galactica and Futurama! We know it's a whole lot, but you'll love every bite! Chow down, with The Wikid Podcast!  


EP 24: Mythical Creatures Part 1

April 25, 2017

That's right, two episodes this week! Featuring special guest Blair (Young) Renfroe, Ryan, Brendan and Mo delve deep into the tales of yon mythical creatures! Find out all about the Scottish legend of Kelpies, and listen as Brendan gushes all about his favorite movie monsters/mythical creatures, Werewolves! Plus we rant about Hadrians Wall, dogs wearing pantyhose, tattoos, Welsh mining, Dr. Who, unicorns, and the time Brendan got called out by lengendary film director John Landis! Don't miss it!


EP 23: Special Episode - A Guacalypse Now

April 24, 2017

Brendan and Mo both whip up their best guacamole to basically prove that Brendan thinks Chipolte serves up doo doo burritos (especially if you're vegetarian). Is the podcast format the best for this sort of thing? Maybe not, but you could always head over to The Wikid Podcast Facebook page to watch the video of the competition too! Also, special guest Blair Young, or maybe Blair Renefroe, we haven't decided yet. Email Brendan at thewikidpodcast@gmail.com and he'll send you his personal guacamole recipe! What are you waiting for, get listening!


EP 22 Postcrunk Meets Nim Chimpsky

April 18, 2017

Part 2 of our interview with Twitter Poet and Social Construct, Postcrunk! In this episode the gang explores higher education with a list of animals which have fraudulent degrees. Sadly, this episode does not contain a list of animals with credible degrees, but it's so much fun, you probably won't even notice. The Universe needs you to listen to this episode! 


EP 21 Postcrunk Part 1: Loco Moco

April 10, 2017

On this Episode Ryan and Brendan are joined by self described Trap Historian, Meme Analyst, Sentient Lifeform, and Ephemeral Earthling @Postcrunk aka Martin Bell! This Jedi of all subjects woke schools us on our knowledge of Taglish and Hawaiian cuisine on Part 1 of his guest appearance on The Wikid Podcast!


EP 20 An Episode Without Brendan, But With Unicorns

March 22, 2017

Charleston Comedians Shawna Jarrett and Joseph Coker return for the interview section of this episode. Ryan's fiance Jessica bravely steps in to take Brendan's place as co-host, as he had to go take care of his sick girlfriend, something they take merciless joy in making fun of him for doing. Too bad he's the one who writes up these episode descriptions, so everyone on this episode can suck it! LOL/JK Subject: Unicorns!!!


EP 19 The Charleston Comedy Incident

March 16, 2017

This episode features special guests Charleston comedians Shawna Jarret ( https://shawnajarrett.com/ ) and Joseph Coker ( http://josephcokerworktapes.libsyn.com/ ) as they try to teach Ryan and Brendan new and interesting things, but mostly end up talking about nuclear accidents that should have killed us all by now. Subjects include AP European History (seriously, no, seriously) and the Damascus Nuclear Accident.


EP 18 Pico de Wikidallo

March 8, 2017

The is episode the Wikid Podcast is invaded by Mexican food and tangents! Also, the shortest episode we've ever recorded, we did it for those who were only listening out of obligation, aka, our girlfriends. Or did we? Find out, on this brief foray into the seedy underbelly that is Wikipedia!