S2 E30 Wikid Short Fireflies

April 24, 2018

Once again Mo and Caroline take the podcast renegade and ahev no Brendan and Ryan! Also, it should be noted that Ryan and Brendan are not "off golfing". Oh and some fun finding fireflies (or lightning bugs, depending on your preference). 


S2 E30 The Night Wikids

April 17, 2018

Feministas rejoice, an all lady episode of The Wikid Podcast is here! Mo helms this cool little jaunt into WWII with her friend Caroline, who clearly knows more about history than any of the shows regular hosts. This week, the communist front against the Nazi's, and the badass ladies who earned the fear of German soldiers!


S2 E29 Planet of The Apes

April 3, 2018

No monkeying around, Mo and Brendan get to the serious business of making fun of Mark Wahlberg and loving them some sweet Monkey Lincoln. We blew it up, damn us!


S2 E28 Mothman

March 27, 2018

Mo and Brendan seek out a cryptozoological marvel and potential bridge sabotour, The Mothman! The easiest path is through your favorite Mystic Pizza cast member (no not Lili Taylor, but good on you remembering Lili Taylor, you know, the "well known and successful actress", as per her IMDB bio). Creepy vibes and a german composer fill this episode to the brim with fun, check it out! 


S2 E27 The Two Stooges

March 14, 2018

Brendan is joined by guest host Colby Magratten for a journey back into the history and hilarity that is The Three Stooges! Vaudville, Charlie Chaplin, The Marx Bros, and a lost Wizard of Oz television series on this episode!


S2 E26 Wikid Foot Golf

March 7, 2018

Brendan and Mo find out what the heck Foot Golf is! Along the way they learn more than they want to know about the BBC, Scotland, a potentially very violent game called Shinty, and Golf. Also, they invent Mouth Bag Pipes, which now that we type it sounds even more like a weird sex move!  


S2 E25 Wikid Detectives

February 27, 2018

A very special episode in which Ryan is actually on an episode of his podcast! We discuss William J. Burns, the "American Sherlock Holmes", Watergate, J. Edgar Hoovers crossdressing and the real life Beagle Boys (yes, the Duck Tales ones).


S2 E24 Things Get Weird

February 13, 2018

Alone and scared Brendan hosts the podcast by himself, and things get... wierd. Also, there's apparently a guy named Chet in a booth? And now we've got sponsors? Or... we're really unsure what is happening here... quite frankly we're a little scared... oh and the subject is Lollipops... we think. 


S2 E23 Manneken Pis

February 6, 2018

If you've ever wanted to hear Mo's dog barking, all the nations in Europe listed in alphabetical order, or proof that Joey Fatone is a douche, then you're in luck! Also, lest we forget that this episode is really about the symbol Brussels has come to project to the rest of the world, Manneken Pis aka a pissing statue. Well, good luck with this one, it's a little all over the place, but mainly Europe.


S2 E22 Wikid Flat Earth

January 30, 2018

The earth is flat. Every Uber driver knows this to be the truth, but Ryan and Brendan are not going to rest until they find out why do public transit distrupting individuals think this way? Along the way they learn more about the american southwest and JFK, well, kinda.